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Susan DeMatei
November 14, 2018 | Susan DeMatei

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

ADA compliance is an important consideration for websites. Not being ADA-compliant means your site is less accessible to visitors with disabilities, and can also open you up to potential lawsuits. We have a solution!  Continue »

Partrick Hurley
February 13, 2018 | Partrick Hurley

Five signs your website needs a refresh.

Every year in Q1 our agency get a small flurry of requests to "update" or "refresh" clients' websites. They're often not sure why, or have metrics to support the request. How often should this be done? How many years is too old? Just because you're tired of looking at the same home page, doesn't mean your customers are....right?  Continue »

Susan DeMatei
August 18, 2015 | Susan DeMatei


I’m sure the answer is ‘very’. You’re a pleasure to be around. You’re the first person to volunteer when a friend is moving apartments and…  Continue »