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Keeping Your Site ADA Compliant in WineDirect

Once your site has been updated to be ADA compliant through our ADA Compliance service, it is important that future updates and additions keep accessibility in mind. Our report will list any next steps that we recommend, but there are also simple things you can do as you edit and update your site to keep it accessible for all visitors.



When adding or updating images, always be sure to include good ALT text that descrbes the image. In the Image Properties window, you'll see a text entry where you can edit the ALT text. You'll see the Image Properties window when you insert a new image or click the image button in the Content Editor toolbar to edit a photo you've already inserted.

Also keep in mind that if an image contains lots of textual information (a complicated infographic, for example), this information should ideally be presented in an alternate way for visitors who won't be able to see the image.

How to add ALT text in WineDirect



When adding links to your page, avoid using non-descriptive text for the link itself. Imagine reading the link out of context to see if it still makes sense. For example, "Click here" doesn't convey meaningful information, but "Click here to join our newsletter" does.


Recommended Media Files

Videos should ideally have alternate content that provides the same information to visitors who can't access them. This could be a written transcript or video captions, for example.

PDFs should be readable, with live text that you can select with your cursor. This helps ensure a screen reader application can access the content.


Need Help?

We hope these tips help you maintain your site's accessibility. If you need help or have any questions, please let us know.