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Analytics Offer Case Study

Renwood wanted us to examine their email campaigns and determine which type of promotions had the highest impact. The promotions were split into three categories: discounts on wine and shipping, discounts on wine only, and discounts on shipping only. We also separated emails that were segmented to club members from emails targeting non-club members, as we didn’t want the data to become muddled.


Click-Through-Rate:  The average click-through-rate for the different promotional campaigns are shown below. The click-through-rate was significantly higher for promotions offering a shipping and wine discount compared to just a wine discount for club members only. Campaign type did not have an impact on click-through-rate for non-club members.

Wine Offer Case Study

Revenue Generated: Promotional emails that offered a discount to shipping and wine out-performed promotions that offered only shipping discounts and promotions that offered only wine discounts. This was true for both club and non-club members. Average order value for dual promotions were significantly higher than either shipping or wine only. Additionally, average order value for shipping promotions were significantly higher than wine promotions.

Wine Offer Case Study