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WineDirect Migration Services

We have been working with WineDirect since it was called Inertia Beverage (IBG) in 2005.  In that time, we have contributed to nearly 400 websites on the WineDirect platform. We will gladly provide references upon request.

We have a great deal of experience with the back-end of the WineDirect system (either set up or ongoing business functions.) Think of us as the engine mechanic and the body shop. While we provide beautiful bodywork and help you with design when you want, we also keep the inside of it humming along.

"Earlier this year, Bowers Harbor Vineyards made the strategic decision to move to a new POS/e-Commerce/wine club platform. After selecting Vin65 as the "best of breed" solution for our organization, we were then faced with the very daunting task of determining how to actually implement the tool.

Vin65 offered a couple of different options related to the conversion. One was to engage WineGlass Marketing to manage the conversion. This turned out to be the best piece of advice our sales rep at Vin65 gave us. Susan and her team have extensive experience converting clients from various systems to Vin65, and they were also familiar with integrating the Vin65 platform with the accounting system we use (QuickBooks). From a due diligence perspective, both of these points were critical to us.  

From the beginning, WineGlass Marketing addressed our issues and concerns associated with the conversion process. They were incredibly adept at handling the day-to-day minutia related to the conversion while also identifying items or issues where our input was critical. Their running point on the conversion was critical. It allowed us to focus on our day-to-day operations.  

Over the course of my career, I have been involved in countless conversions- both as a vendor and a client, and our conversion to Vin65 orchestrated by WineGlass Marketing was one of the most seamless and painless conversions I have ever worked on."
― Bill Maier, Chief Financial Officer, Bowers Harbor Vineyards

- What we do -

Data Migration

We can get all your information (customers, clubs, credit cards, historical orders) from other sources into WineDirect. This includes:

Quickbooks Synchronization

WineDirect will work with Transaction Pro Importer…but not right out of the box.  You need to map this exactly with how your Quickbooks is set up. We work with a partner and can do this, usually in an afternoon.

Custom Design, Store "Skins"

Content Set Up/Template Tweaks

Shipping/Compliance/Tax set up

POS Set up


Ongoing Maintenance

While WineDirect is designed for wineries to be able to maintain the site by themselves, some wineries need someone for overflow, or just want to outsource this.  We can help you with the ongoing maintenance tasks such as:

Ongoing Support

WineDirect offers support packages that are great.  If you want similar help without support tickets by someone who knows your business, we offer maintenance packages. We also know time can add up quickly so our maintenance plan costs you less per hour if you want to hire us for more extensive help each month.


We charge an hourly rate of $100 an hour; we bill at the end each month, all costs (e.g. if we arrange a photoshoot to get your new products online) are passed through without markup, and you can cancel at anytime.

Interested? Drop us a note below