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Susan DeMatei
December 22, 2017 | Susan DeMatei

'Twas the week before Christmas

when all through wine country we pause for a break.
(We need one, quite bluntly.)

This year has been hard, at times getting dire,
our hearts break for those who were hurt by the fire.

But, business continues, and this year has ended.
Next year will be better, hearts and homes will have mended.

Let us look forward, and plan for the best!
WGM has a passion, some say we’re obsessed
with increasing sales, and customer service.
Just stick to a plan, no need to be nervous.



Look at the tools, of which you can use
for strong email calendars and sites - you can’t lose!

Remember to plan out your timing and message-
not too infrequent and not too excessive.

And segment those lists, so your best customers feel
as if you DO know them, not just hawking a deal.

Make sure you’re mobile, you just can’t forget
that most of us now use our phones for the net.

Social media is now an important sales channel
used best for some ads, or as a quick panel
of customers to increase the size of your lists.
(It’s simply too powerful to be dismissed.)

Our customers are smart, there’s not much they don’t get
perhaps, just perhaps, they are all on ‘net
and go on those sites, CellarTracker and Twitter
to see which wine’s sweet, and which one is bitter.



They know what they’ll like, and they tell all around
“try this small-lot Pinot” or Chard that they found.

They Yelp and they post, they cause such a commotion
that wineries must listen, or be a drop in the ocean.

And wine can be shipped – less states have it banned,
so sign up customers from here to Maryland.



On Jersey, on Tampa, on Denver and Austin,
send clubs and send wine; ship now and ship often.

Increase that database, and segment those names
so 2018 will be one where you claim
that you’ve never been better, never seen such conversion
on emails or offers or other diversions. 
Then sit back, relax, and enjoy what you’ve done
because soon, the next vintage will have begun.

Lift up your glass and allow just this boast
to yourself, you worked hard, you deserve this small toast.

So, cheers to you, friends, enjoy this brief time
to remember why it is we all work for wine.



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