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Susan DeMatei
January 2, 2013 | Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing | Susan DeMatei


Isn’t this what marketers are supposed to do this time of year?

I feel pressured to make predictions…so here it goes.  My top 5 are:

The PC in Your Pocket

With the advent of Windows 8 and new touch screen PCs, the PC has become the new mobile device. Microsoft Windows now uses the same operating system across desktop, mobile phone and tablet devices. Web experience is now tactile. You will be able to swipe or tap anything on a screen. Thus, content needs to be visible, whether in tiles or other forms, not layered behind menus. Likewise, Web CMS applications need to be touch-enabled and provide a simple, yet powerful user experience on tablets and touch screen PCs.

Shape Up Your Site

With better analytics and marketing automation solutions marketers now have the tools to understand their customers and prospects and deliver the right message at the right time. Yet for most businesses, two percent is a great conversion rate on a landing page. In what other industry would a 98 percent fail rate be a success? Marketers need to refocus web marketing on the actual website. In 2013 marketers will deliver websites with the conversion tools of landing pages layered with segmentation and contextual targeting to make the entire website a high-performance marketing tool.

We’ll Have Our Heads in the Clouds

In 2013, marketing organizations will think cloud first when selecting a new CRM systems.  Why should marketing applications require heavy IT investments and expensive up-front licensing? It’s very ironic that most Web CMS software, an application whose sole task is managing the Web, is still deployed on-premises.  Cloud-based solutions lowers the management overhead, provides greater scalability, and lowers total cost of ownership. In 2013 marketing teams should look to vendors with proven success delivering cloub based marketing databases as a service.

Marketing Automation

The top, current CRM requirement for marketing programs is to ensure that your CRM system can support core marketing capabilities and requirements. Accordingly, we’re seeing many businesses that are using cloud-based CRM looking to add two key marketing enhancements: campaign management, as well as lead management, including lead nurturing.  See my post on the benefits of automation.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media is Not the Place Any Company Wants to Run into Angry Customers

We’ve talked a lot about social media monitoring. The rationale is simple: If you don’t know what customers are saying about your products and services on Facebook and Twitter, or taking appropriate steps to handle complaints, you’re wasting a valuable opportunity to keep your current customers, while attracting new ones.

Of course, telling your boss that your winery needs to get social media savvy is preaching to the choir. But too many in management still don’t “get” social, even though the business upsides are clear. A Harvard Business Review study finds that social media can increase employees’ productivity by up to 25%–for example by enabling salespeople to connect with prospects via LinkedIn. The smart business money, across all customer-facing domains, is on social CRM.


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