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Susan DeMatei
November 26, 2013 | Customer Support, Email Marketing, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing | Susan DeMatei


I was all ready to provide another list of ideas this week to follow up on last years blog “Ten Ways to Give Thanks for Customers”.

That blog post was about taking time to appreciate customers in a time of year when we seem all to interested in how many sales we can squeeze out of the last 5 weeks of the year.

A holiday theme for sure, but the blog is still work related.  I mean, it should be, right?   Now is a busy, busy time.  Between all the furious marketing we’re all doing, and then regular club shipments and the extra duties in our personal lives (is it too late to order a turkey?) we all lose sight of what is important this time of year.

And then my husband called me from work.

One of his co-workers was driving home on Interstate 80 and the car in front of her stopped short.  She stopped, but the car behind her (and the one behind it) didn’t.  It didn’t turn out well.  Her rear bumper ended up crushed into her front seat.  The fire department needed the jaws of life to extract her from the car and she’s alive, but in intensive care. She has a broken back, shattered ribs, half her body was crushed and she will likely lose her arm and be paralyzed.

And, she has two small children.

Wow, nothing like a dose of reality to snap you back to…reality.

So, here’s a new top 10 list:
  1. Take a break this week.  Be with your friends and family, and allow your staff to do the same.  If you hear of someone taking extra work home or planning on coming in Friday to “catch up” – assure them the work will still be there in December.
  2. Give a gift to someone who has been working hard, or helped you out recently.  Could be a coworker, employee or customer.  An extra bottle of wine or note to tell them you appreciate the work they do.
  3. Along that theme – mention you appreciate the work of someone who works for you.  A consultant, tasting room person, janitor…someone who takes the orders and processes the work day after day.  Everyone doesn’t expect to get the big picture or big bonus, but a “good job” every once in awhile keeps everyone smiling.
  4. Look at everything on your to do list and remove something.  There is some email you were going to cram in, or event you were considering signing up for, or conference you were going to get to, a blog post to write.  Eliminate it.  Do fewer things, and do them better and with more care.
  5. Hire taxis or a car service for your employees for after the Christmas party.
  6. Be good to yourself.  Go get a massage, take a lunch or a half day to go Christmas shopping, play Christmas music at your desk.
  7. Remember those in the hospitality industry that usually are working hardest when office workers are off.  Especially waitstaff who work holidays and weekends.  If you have any employees like that, don’t let them be forgotten when it comes to time off and half days this time of year.  Make sure they feel it is the “holidays” as well.
  8. Get some perspective (hopefully not in the form of a horrific car accident).  Remember: We sell wine.  The worst that can happen is someone doesn’t get their wine.  And yes, they can get very mad when that happens, but nobody died.  Remind employees of this – especially Wine Club Managers who can get very tired of endlessly fighting outdated credit cards and missed fed ex shipments along with customer complaints.
  9. Volunteer, and encourage your staff to do so as well.
  10. And, please, please drive safely.



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