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Susan DeMatei
March 24, 2014 | Social Media Marketing | Susan DeMatei


Clients ask me all the time about what/how often to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other Social Media channels. I typically flip the question around and ask them what they’re trying to achieve. Not just because I’m a fan of the Socratic Method, but because these channels differ, and lumping all Social Media channels into one category is like saying an invoice and a brochure meet the same purpose because they are both printed on paper.

Each Social Media channel, like any tool, it can be used for a number of purposes.

The below is a chart that I’ve developed for my clients showing my opinions of the best channels for various objectives in regards to Social Media. You will note there are no footnotes in this as it is not based on data, but my opinion based on my use of each channel for wineries,  how the interactivity of each channel works, and what consumers expect with each.

You will also note a conspicuous absence of Google+.  This is because this “channel” is so much more than a single “channel” that it is a given recommendation, in my opinion.  It helps with SEO, ties in with your You Tube account and stats, allows you to post like Facebook but create meetings and circles like a mailing list….it is too versatile to put in any one category and something everyone winery should be involved in.  IMHO.




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