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Susan DeMatei
April 15, 2015 | Social Media Marketing | Susan DeMatei


You’re standing in line at the grocery store waiting to check out and you see a magazine. Not Time or Rolling Stone, but a trashy one, oozing with gossip. This one has royal babies and washed up reality TV stars on the cover. Immediately you grab it and flip through the latest Kardashian pics without even asking yourself why.

Why do you care what these people are doing and wearing and who they’re dating? It’s human nature. We are all nosy and want to know what others are up to. Especially our friends, relatives, neighbors and even business competitors.

Yes, it’s natural to want to know what your competitors are up to; are they having a sale, launching a new product, acquiring new customers, acquiring your customers? If your business is on Facebook (if it’s not, you should be), you should be using a totally free and useful tool that is buried at the bottom of your Insights Overview panel called Pages to Watch.

What’s so cool about Pages to Watch? It makes peeking over your competitor’s fence easy and super-convenient. And not just one competitor, but up to 100. And it’s anonymous, you don’t have to “Like” their pages, and they’ll never know!

To get started, log into your business’ Facebook page, go to the Insights Tab, the Overview Sub-tab and scroll down. Just click the Add Pages button. Heck, Facebook will even give you suggestions of who to follow!


Once you’ve selected competitors to watch, take a look at the metrics provided. You can see overall data (Total Page Likes), data from last week (% change in Page Likes) and data from this week (# of Posts this week and their Engagement).

Ask yourself – which of my competitors is being the most active and engaging on Facebook? Select that competitor and Facebook will show you their top posts from that week, so you can see the type of content that results in the highest engagement. Then you can learn to be better and more engaging in your content.

Cool, huh?

Being curious about what others are doing isn’t all bad. But, if you’re going to be nosy, at least be super-efficient about it.


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