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Zach Zuniga
January 18, 2020 | Zach Zuniga

Tofanelli Case Study - Social Media

One question our clients continuously want answered is how to leverage their social media following to gain new sales conversions. We wanted to show how strategically timed and targeted ads could compliment release schedules while building brand awareness and engagement, drive website traffic, and contribute to sales.

We chose a client who had consistently high organic engagement (average of 20% engagement rate including likes, comments, shares, and clicks across posts). Additionally, we looked for a client who had previous success with Facebook “Likes” campaigns and newsletter lead generation campaigns. Combined, this indicated an audience that was motivated to interact and had recently expressed interest in the brand.

The basic premise was to create four ads that would run consecutively for one month (one ad per week). Each ad told a part of the brand/vintage story, with personal input from the client. In this case, Vince Tofanelli wrote each post and provided fresh content. These ads linked to the website, where the content was expanded into a blog post. These “Story Arcs” were designed to maximize interest in the content and prime the reader for the final ad. The final ad for the month included an offer on the wine that would be featured in an email that would be sent at the same time. The week after each ad ran, we also recreated the ad as an organic post. Ad targets included their newsletter subscribers, the people who “liked” their FB page, look-a-like audiences, and individuals who met certain requirements based on their interests, locations, and demographics.

Not only did the Story Arc ad campaign contribute to a 164% growth in website traffic for the month, it did so by driving 41% of all traffic for the month. Bounce rate also significantly decreased. Each ad came in at under $1.50 per link click, with 3 of the 4 coming in under $0.75 per link click. The newsfeed reposting had an average engagement of 23.17%, showing significant increases over their normal organic posts. These ads, along with the linked email campaign, contributed to the highest net revenue of a 15-month period.

We were able to replicate the findings for the same client 2 months later. The unique pageviews skyrocketed since we had generated content that was fresh and of higher quality. For this client, 33% of all sales over an 8-month span came from our social media efforts.


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