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Susan DeMatei
April 20, 2018 | Susan DeMatei

WGM assessment of new WineDirect Loyalty Programs

This feature is one that some wineries have been asking for for a while and I'm glad that they've finished this feature. The loyalty points tool is really solid from our point of view.

First of all, it allows you to setup how much someone needs to spend to earn a point. It also lets you determine how many points equate to a dollar.

Loyalty is the name of the game. The more your customers feel the love, the more they will keep coming back. Marketing no doubt is important to attract new customers, but you don't need to market as much to an existing customer who feels a high level of loyalty to your winery and your brand.

Using loyalty points benefits your customers because they earn their reward from making purchases. Not only is this tool encouraging more sales, but its giving customers deals without you devaluing your wine.

With WineDirect, when you use the Loyalty Points program you can setup multiple tiers so that club members can earn more points per dollar and earn points faster than non club members, this increases the incentive to join a club.

Rewards programs are a pretty common sales technique these days in a lot of different businesses, and customers are well accustomed to the process. What customers don't like is a stingy rewards plan. So after some math, figure out the best ROI. For example, Walmart's loyalty program. When Walmart told me how little was being returned to me for every dollar I spent, I had no interest in their loyalty program. It's gotta be worth it for the customer without being too costly for you.

Even though it's a fairly new tool, there have been no glitches from our experience with the tool.

Currently from what we've found it looks like the Loyalty Points tools can be earned from the POS and Admin Panel transactions only and not from website transactions.

Some parts of this tool that are currently being completed, but not yet finished are:

  1. Including loyalty points as an auto population tag in emails
  2. Importing loyalty points values with an excel document

This feature currently is and add-on feature and isn't included in the monthly fees of the WineDirect system. It's priced in a tiered amount per month based on the contacts you have in your system. The prices range from $49.00/month up to $229.00/month.

If you want to setup Loyalty Points, contact WineDirect or sign up for the Loyalty Points tool here: We like this tool and if you are willing to spend the money, it could definitely be a benefit to you and your team.


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