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WineGlass Marketing

How Can We Help you?

Whether you are releasing your 1st or 50th vintage, you want your customers to appreciate your wines as much as you do. Smart, authentic, direct marketing can build a strong, and profitable, relationship with your consumers.

Are we a good fit?

One-to-one Direct Sales can take many forms so there is no cookie-cutter approach. You may know exactly what you want or not have a clue. You may be a huge international company with someone out on maternity leave, a mid-size winery looking to outsource, or a small winery that needs someone to man the phones during harvest. Whatever the case, we offer project-based work or long-term support in anything DTC-related.

How much does it cost?

We work by the hour so you pay for what you get. There are no up-front fees, no minimums and no retainers. Our contract is a simple one and can be canceled at any time. But, when we're on call for you - we pick up the phone and act as a full-service remote member of your marketing team.

Want to know more?

Select from the services above, or contact us using the link below.