We asked our clients. This is what they said…
We asked our clients. This is what they said…
We asked our clients. This is what they said…
5 Reasons to Work with Us
Our team rocks.
Our team is cross-trained and redundantly staffed to meet your needs and they work on a variety of projects to keep them passionate and learning. We handle the staffing headaches for you and hand-pick a team to work with you that has a background in your area and a fun, enthusiastic attitude.
You have a full marketing team ready to support you.

We are a full-service agency and can do anything from your POS window clings and sales sheets to social media content creation and ads, to emails and websites, to photography, SEO, ADA, and Google Ads.

And if you don’t need help in all these areas, no problem, we’ll create a package just for you with your support scoped out. But let’s say we manage your emails for you and your Wine Club Manager goes on maternity leave for 3 months. We already have access to your database and know your system – we can just hop over and manage your club for a quarter and then hand it back. Our flexibility of adding services ad hoc is what our clients tell us is their favorite byproduct of working with WGM.

We are nerds.

There aren’t too many agencies out there with two tech people on staff…but we offer tech support because, let’s face it, what isn’t technical these days? We tend to approach projects from a “technology first” standpoint. Meaning, we’ll get to know your needs and talk to you about requirements, budgets, and legacy systems before we recommend tools. And after we know the solution will work for you, only then do we incorporate our design tools to make it beautiful. We’ve been brought in by many design agencies whose big ideas aren’t compatible with a wine industry platform. We won’t show you any great design which isn’t a great solution as well.

When tools that our clients needed weren’t available, we built them ourselves! We call this group WineGlass Marketing Integrated Technology Solutions (WGits).

Don’t take our word for it, others think we’re pretty cool too.

For the past two years, Inc. Magazine has recognized WineGlass Marketing as the only Napa company listed in the top 250 hyper-growth tier of the “5000 Series California’s Top Companies.” WineGlass Marketing has also been recognized by the community, winning the North Bay Bohemian “Best Creative Agency” spot for 2021 as well as being honored by our clients in the North Bay Business Journal as Napa’s “Best Company to Do Business With.”

Our creative awards include a Best Integrated Campaign win in the beverage category for the 2021 Internet Advertising Competition and we’ve also been recognized in the 2021 Web Awards as submitting the best beverage website.

WineGlass Marketing is a certified Mailchimp agency and a certified Facebook/Meta advertising partner. We also have certifications in both Google Ads and Analytics.

We really try not to be jerks.
We’re here to help alleviate stress, not cause it. We strive to be egoless and collaborative with the end goal of forming a long-term relationship with our clients. We’re not looking for a quick fix for a fast payout; we’re in it with you for the long game and want to help nourish your healthy brand with strong sales.
Awards & Accolades
We admit it. We like shiny things.
Certifications & Endorsements
We’ve got more badges than a Girl Scout!
What Our Clients Say
But you don’t have to take our word for it…
Kim Johnson
Okapi Wines

Every day, WineGlass Marketing achieves that tricky balance of providing expert consultation while listening to our unique needs. I appreciate that they will graciously take direction about our strategy or brand identity, but I can count on them to push back when they have a better idea.

Mari Jones
Emeritus Vineyards

Working with WineGlass Marketing was so easy. They helped me organize content and designed our custom website and store. WGM was able to make additional tweaks to make the website extra customized for us, but best of all they have set us up to be successful when making edits on our own so it’s easy for us to keep up with posting new events, accolades and changing out products. Whenever we need some heavy lifting WGM makes it easy to execute bigger changes that we aren’t equipped to do in-house. Hands down the easiest and most affordable web design I’ve ever worked on!

Lesley Keffer Russel
Saint Helena Winery
General Manager

The WineGlass Marketing team is comprised of true professionals who are experts in their fields. Our email template design project was seamless from strategic planning through development to support and training for our winery staff. The result has truly enhanced our brand identity and outreach to our customers.