2023 Web Excellence Awards

Award Winner

Website | Wine, Beer and Spirits

We worked with this importer on their name/brand/logo and user personas. The UX and content of this website were based on the different customer journeys. The copy, imagery, and eCommerce areas target an American audience unfamiliar with the product and probably intimidated by the Georgian language. The result is a stunning site that is informative yet highly visual and approachable.


Robert Quinn
Chris Schlueter

President: Susan DeMatei
Strategic Lead: Gaynor Strachan Chun
Design Supervisor: Keith Kenny
Account Director: Nathan Chambers
Assistant Account Executive: Tom Delacruz

Award Winner

Crocker & Starr
Advertising & Marketing | Email Marketing

Crocker & Starr is a storied wine in Napa that makes highly rated wines on a historic vineyard that dates back almost 150 years. Now, in its 27th harvest, we are honored to create emails for a diverse mailing list to release their new wines. Our photography and copy partner meets the distinctive needs of dissimilar readers: some want to read tasting notes, and others want the information visually. The artful balance struck within each conveys quality and style.


Cyrus Hazzard
Pam Starr

President: Susan DeMatei
Strategic Lead: Gaynor Strachan Chun
Creative Director: Eduardo Lago
Photographer: Stephanie McEvoy
Account Director: Nathan Chambers
Account Executive: Maisy Thao

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