Vido Vodka

The Challenge
We focused on DTC and launch promotions for Vido Vodka, and worked to ensure that we could reach as many people as possible with the creation of this new brand.
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Vido Vodka

March, 2020

Communications Planning Case Studies

Vido Vodka is an artisan premium vodka produced from estate grapes grown by Goose Ridge Vineyards in Washington State. It went to market in Fall 2020 with an initial launch in Washington, followed by California and Arizona.

Vodka is not a spirit traditionally purchased online, but this was during the pandemic and the on-premise locations were closed. We were left with retail and DTC for the launch promotions.

We did trade research on vodka purchasers over media usage and found that our target indexed high with both email and social media. We then looked at online affinities and found that many vodka drinkers were also into online shopping and finance. We also knew what retail locations had the product.

Using that multi-dimensional model of our target, we planned social media ads on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and Google ads to our target audience in a 25-mile radius of our retail stores.

We reached over 34,400,000 targets with this strategy. For Meta, our ads had double digit engagement, which was 100x higher than the alcohol average. On Google our click through rate was 3x the industry alcohol average.