Five Black Friday Strategies for Wineries

Creative Ideas for Offers this Holiday

by Crystal Enriquez

Everyone jokes about how the holidays come earlier every year, but when it starts before you’ve given out the Halloween candy, it can cause marketing headaches. In his TED talk, successful entrepreneur Bill Gross declared that timing accounts for 42% of all successful launches. And by timing, we mean early preparedness, as it’s clear the early bird gets the candy cane: According to Yesmail Interactive, 38.1% of people start Christmas shopping before November, and 69.8% shop before December.

So what does that mean for “Black Friday,” which typically occurs the day after Thanksgiving at the tail end of November? Wait, that’s next week! Yikes! Doesn’t data conclude that most shopping is completed by now? Yes, it does, which is why holiday ads appear earlier each calendar year. But don’t cry in your eggnog, we have some ideas.

Here’s a look at five strategies that could enhance sales this season:
Less of a Holi-Day, and more of a Holi-Season

The significance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the official “start” of the holiday shopping season has shifted. It is what economists call Economic Motivation or the phenomenon associated with merchants attempting to take advantage of particularly heavy Christmas-related shopping well before Black Friday in the United States and before Remembrance Day in Canada. As a result, consumers have become more protracted with holiday shopping, making it challenging to create a sense of urgency to buy on specific days.

To make the most of this sales period, wineries must create awareness around their special offers well in advance and throughout the holiday season. Think of multiple smaller offers that cycle through the six weeks before Christmas. Clever themes like “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” advent calendars, or highlighting different gift sets that sell out each week will keep your products top of mind yet offer a new reason to purchase periodically.

It Really Is The Thought That Counts

Recent surveys show that 74% of U.S. consumers now prefer experiences over material possessions. This rise in experiential value is particularly pronounced among millennials, but other generations also embrace giving their time instead of “things.”

Wineries can capitalize on this trend by creating experiences for Santa’s list. Offer a personalized winemaker conversation over Zoom or configure a sunset tour and tastings at the winery. Develop a “Wine Club member for a day” benefit or partner with local hotels and restaurants to present packages focusing on wine-tasting experiences and vacationing. Using language that evokes a sense of travel and exploration through wine, one can play to the desire to share quality time with loved ones.

Santa’s Checklist is Digital

Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when there’s intense competition and noise, targeting your existing customers through email is essential. However, investing in PPC marketing, particularly on social media platforms, is crucial to reach new customers. Social media platforms are highly effective at converting viewers into buyers, especially during the holiday season, but be prepared for increased advertising costs.

With the rise of mobile purchases, optimizing your store and advertising for mobile devices is vital. Optimization includes email marketing. Ensure that all channels are user-friendly on mobile devices to maximize your sales during the holiday season.

Don’t Forget Self-Love

More consumers are taking the time to extended season and multiple sales as an opportunity to shop for themselves. This may come as no surprise to veterans of self-care – after all, even Santa gets a cookie. According to a 2021 survey from Bankrate, 57% of holiday shoppers in the U.S. plan to spend money on themselves during the holiday.

This tendency gives wineries multiple opportunities for “give one/keep one” offers or benefits for their loyal customers. And since your customers are your best salespeople, the wise winery is giving existing club members all the tools they need to spread the holiday love….to themselves.

Choosing to Abstain

If participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t align with your brand, consider creating a specific plan and promotions for the season, or opt out of these sales events altogether. Remember that the holiday season tends to bring increased sales activity, regardless of your participation in these specific dates, so it’s not the exact day on the calendar that counts but the overall holiday vibe.

By adopting these strategies and staying attuned to the changing dynamics of the holiday shopping season, wineries can make the most of Holiday sales, creating memorable experiences and offers for their customers and ensuring a successful season.

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