Happy Holidays from WGM

Happy Holidays

From WineGlass Marketing

by Susan DeMatei

‘tis the week before Christmas,
the end of the year!
A time when all families
are gathered with cheer

to toast one another
for what they have done,
the tasks they’ve accomplished,
the trials they have won!

For this year was hard,
almost schizophrenic.
With so much change
it’s seeming systemic.

Consumers, it seems,
are just not consuming.
The papers tell all,
the headlines are fuming.

Remember when guests 
would come in and wait?
Be glad to just taste, 
and watch us create?

They’d line up for wine,
long lists they would stomach,
to get the new vintage
with scores from Jeb Dunnuck.

But what we miss most,
getting down to the nub,
is the ease in which Boomers
would join a wine club!

They didn’t ask questions
their cards they would offer
Just send them some wine
to fill their wine coffers!

So, we got complacent
but now we’re in peril.
Before selling wine,
was like fish in a barrel.
We just need to evolve,
though times aren’t so great,
it’s not prohibition
or the crash of 08.

Wine drinkers exist
they just aren’t the same.
They want more control,
They aren’t swayed by a name.

They care, they ask,
they want to know more.
What makes your wine different?
(And, not just a score.)

It’s nice, don’t you think,
to have someone, full throttle,
be interested in you,
and not just your bottle?

These new young wine buyers
have love in their heart
for what you share with them
your heritage and art.

So, embrace this new group
and let’s sell some wine!
Create new experiences
onsite and online.

Let’s try some new channels.
Let’s try some new ads.
Seek out new wine buyers
who aren’t all grand-dads.

So, keep your head high
and look toward the horizon.
We know you can do it.
We know you’ll surprise ‘em.

Rest now with your families
and all you hold dear.
We wish you success
and a happy New Year.

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