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The Challenge
ASL Print FX was new to Napa and, despite having been in Canada for 50 years, they needed to be discovered and visible in an already populated and mature market.
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December, 2021

Communications Planning

Case Studies

This 50-year-old Canadian printing company just opened a new facility and sales and operations team in Napa. While they were well known in Canada for their package and label work, they were not known in the US and had no local Napa sales team to support this office. The label printing marketing in Napa is already mature with established competitors in place. 

The basis of our strategy hinged upon two factors:
a) even in a rational business environment like a printer, emotions still affected decisions and
b) Napa wineries want to work with “local” printers and people who they know and are known in the Napa market.
We developed a strategy where people were in the middle of the campaign. Either:
– humanizing and spotlighting the ASL team members,
– or, testimonials in the Napa market
– or, highlighting label designers in their craft

We didn’t have control of the Canadian website, but we were able to build a Napa-focussed landing page, and created separate ASL PRINT FX Napa Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Interviews with wineries discussing ASL PRINT FX as a trusted partner and thought leadership in the form of blogs specifically about the Napa label market were the base of the content plan.

The tactics to support that content fell out from there:
• Bought and emailed local winery mailing list to email once a month
• Supported Napa Facebook and LinkedIn pages with social media posts and Facebook and LinkedIn ads
• Executed a Google search campaign to drive leads with appropriate CTA on landing page.

The results were phenomenal. Over a 9-month period:

• Unique Page Views: +182%
• Unique Visitors: +211%
• Homepage, ASL Napa Landing Page, Contact Us top 3 landing pages

• Likes: +704%
• Engagement, Average Monthly: 8.48%

• Engagement, Monthly Average: 7.61%
• Click Through Rate, Monthly Average: 4.49%

• Highest open rate: 32.2%
• Highest Click Through Rate: 5.1%

• Ad Impressions, Average Monthly: 11,260
• Click Through Rate, Average Monthly: 2.66%
• Cost Per Click, Average Monthly: $1.29
• Conversions with requests for more information, Average Monthly: 277