The Challenge

Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate was not known and needed to be discovered. We needed to put them on the map and ended up rebranding them.

Awards Won

2023 Marcom Awards
Platinum – Lithology Brochure

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Integrated Marketing

The Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate was the best wine that nobody knew about. This estate was formerly the Harlan Reserve but now the name of an Argentinian Billionaire that US collectors didn’t know about or couldn’t pronounce. It was really lacking any identity outside of it’s namesake.

We worked with the client on what they wanted this wine to be, the values and the voice. We opened the opinions of the team that to be exclusive didn’t mean to be hidden or confusion, but if we were more open and transparent with our presentation to potential guests, they will self select themselves if they belong there or not.

The winery already had a wine called “Lithology” and after interviewing the management team it became clear this should be the main brand.

We rebranded everything from the website to the napkins and started telling the story online.

In the first year, this brand saw total revenue grow by 84%, website sales growth of 128%, and tasting room sales growth of 42%.