New Frontier Wine Co.

The Challenge

New Frontier Wine Co. is a world renowned family of brands, spanning from California to Argentina. A new Tasting Room needed to be built, and a website built to properly convey the elegance of the brand.

Awards Won

2023 Davey Awards
Silver – New Frontier Consumer Magazine

2023 Muse Awards
Silver – New Frontier Branding

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Project Details

New Frontier Wine Co.

Integrated Marketing

New Frontier Wine Co was a dream project. Great juice, great team, high values and a blank slate. Over the course of three years we worked to not only develop their logo, branding, mission, personality and voice, but also execute the widest array of any partner we’ve ever had.

The first stage was a lot of strategy meetings discussing what juice would be made into what brands and sold for what price. How do these brands interrelate and support the Company as a whole, and what should the branding hierarchy be.

When we knew what our marching orders were we started creating assets for both consumer sales, and trade support.

Trade included a 20 page catalog with backstories on each brand and winemaker, photography on every wine, vineyard and winemaker, sales sheets for dozens of wines, powerpoint decks about each brand and in combination, and an innovative website with a fully loaded trade section where they can download tools.

Consumer included the launch of a tasting room in downtown Napa, that we connected from the paint colors to the pens for sale and everything in between. We also connected considerable traffic driving campaigns including emails, social media, Google Ads and influencers.


In the second year (because the first year we didn’t have a benchmark) we:

  • Great the new prospects in the database by 22%
  • Increased the average order value by 29%
  • Saw an average growth of +58% when measured quarter over quarter

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