Ohm Coffee Roasters

The Challenge
OHM Coffee Roasters is a local business and there couldn’t be a cooler, more tuned-in brand. We worked with them on identifying their mission, personae and voice as well as crafting some of their creative messages that paid off their brand work.
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OHM Coffee Roasters

October, 2020

Branding Strategy

OHM Coffee Roasters exists to challenge convention and is committed to uncompromising quality, freshness and intelligent and purposeful sourcing. We are well-informed perfectionists. We love to geek out on the detail, if the detail helps deliver a better cup.

Ultimately, our cause is to help our customers live a more “Amplified Life”— one with no compromises on flavor, or quality, or their values–with an emphasis on putting healthful, beneficial things into our bodies, while minimizing inflammation-causing ingredients like sugar/sweeteners.

OHM strives to live a more ”Amplified Life”, not only by helping our customers but doing our part to support the Napa community in which we live. Our current programs include Random Acts of Kindness (customers and frontline workers) and Dine and Donate (Napa schools).

Living a more “Amplified life” is an aspirational notion, but we are up for the challenge.