White paper:
The Impact of Automated Emails

How shipping emails impact brand responses.

If you follow us, you know we’re very passionate about all things email. And we get especially excited about automated emails as the unsung heroes of the channel. (And why not when automated emails get a 152% higher click-through rate and 70.5% higher open rates than manual emails (Epsilon Email Institute)? So, imagine our squeaks of delight when Wineshipping said they’d partner with us on a white paper about shipping emails and would share their data. Pinch us. Our little nerd hearts could hardly stand it. We’re still recovering.

The result is another meaty white paper centering around the effect design, cross-links, and clear, consistent branding have on your automated emails. (Spoiler alert – it is dramatic!) If your winery still uses the generic out-of-the-box templates, this data should give you motivation…or ammunition to take to management.

And can we just say, kudos to Wineshipping for not only being a great partner and geeking out with us on this topic but being a forward thinker in the wine industry in exceeding customer shipping expectations and tracking sales (yes, sales 🤯) with custom shipping emails and texts? Honestly, we’d write more about this, but we just got a text that Amazon is three stops away from our order, so we gotta go./p>

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