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WineGlass Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Much more than cat videos.

Yes, you can create engaging, authentic content using an outside agency! We work with your staff to coordinate postings and themes to create cohesive, blanket coverage toward monthly objectives, and monitor our work with dashboards and planning meetings.

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"Every day, WineGlass Marketing achieves that tricky balance of providing expert consultation while listening to our unique needs. I appreciate that they will graciously take direction about our strategy or brand identity, but I can count on them to push back when they have a better idea."
― Kim Johnson, Okapi Wines

"WineGlass Marketing has been managing our web sales and social media for more than 4 years. Even though we're in another state, we are very pleased with their attentiveness and always feel they are bringing their expertise to help better our brand."
― John and Katherine Zelko, Z’IVO Wines, Oregon

Service Offerings:

  • Channel Identification
  • Content Creation (photos, blogs, videos, ads and copy)
  • Targeted Wine Club Retention Programs
  • Advertising and Target Creation
  • Thematic Support
  • New List Member Aquisition
  • Geo Targeting for tasting room support
  • Look-alike Audience data modeling

Case Studies:

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