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Error Message List – QuickBooks Online

When there are errors that appear in your Transaction Review on WGits for QuickBooks Online, you’ll be able to correct these errors depending on the nature of them.

WGits QBO Transaction Screen

In the above example, in the error message, we see Class is the type of field causing the problem. So this will be a QBO Class that we need to setup within QBO.
ClubOrder is the Order Type or Sales Channel in this instance, and this is what needs to be setup in QBO.
Not found is the nature of the problem.

The field could be Class, Item, Ship Via field, Payment Method, etc.

The identifier, could be a Class such as POS, or it could be an Item such as RedWine2020, a Payment Method of Visa.

The problem, could be Not Found or Full Name is too long.

These issues can usually be corrected within your QuickBooks Online app.

Error List

SKU ____ not found in QBO

This happens if the SKU is not mapped or is not in the SKU field of the product in QBO.
Solution: Add the SKU to the QBO product or add the product to the SKU Map.

Class _____ not found in QBO

This happens if the Class is not setup in QBO.
Solution: Add the Class to the QBO system.

Order Number _____ already exists in Quickbooks.

This happens because the order you are attempting to batch is already in QBO. This should be fairly rare under most circumstances.
Solution: Reject these orders as they are already in QBO.

QBO Token Response: invalid_grant

QBO Token Response: Unauthorized: Basic realm=”Intuit”

QBO Token Response: AccessToken null:

These three Token Response errors can happen when your connection to QBO is not valid or doesn’t have the correct authorization.
Solution: Retry connecting your WGits account to QBO at Settings > QBO Connection.

WGits settings dropdown

If that doesn’t work, then contact us at service@wineglassmarketing.com

QBO Error: – Validation Exception was thrown.Details: Business Validation Error: The action could not be completed because another user was creating, editing or deleting a transaction with inventory products at exactly the same time. Please try again in 30 min.

This should be an incredibly rare error that occurs when multiple actions are happening on products at the same time as a batch is being attempted.
Solution: Reattempt batching this order.

QBO Error: – Validation Exception was thrown.Details: Invalid Reference Id: Accounts element id 154 not found.

This should be very rare. It happens when the Deposit To Account is not set up in the WGITS Settings screen.
Solution: Go to Settings > WGITS Settings > ensure a Deposit To Account is filled in.

documentation image showing wgits deposit to account dropdown field

QBO Error: – Validation Exception was thrown.Details: Business Validation Error: You can’t create or modify a transaction with a date that comes before you started tracking quantity on hand for the following: (SKU)

This error only occurs if an order is in the queue but the “quantity on hand as of” date is after that order date.
Solution: Change the quantity on hand “as of” date. This is done by making a New Inventory Adjustment in QuickBooks.

QBO Error: – Validation Exception was thrown.Details: Business Validation Error: An unexpected error occurred while accessing or saving your data. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, contact customer support.

This error is rare but can occur if there was an issue pulling the order through to QBO. This could be due to server load times or a server timeout.
Solution: Reattempt the order after a few minutes and if it fails again, contact us at wgits@wineglassmarketing.com or service@wineglassmarketing.com

QBO Error: – The Response Stream was null or empty.

This can occur if there is a disconnect from QuickBooks Online.
Solution: Ensure your connection to your QuickBooks online account is functioning or reconnect to your QBO account. It’s also a good idea to try this order again.

QBO Error: – Throttle Exception was thrown

This can happen if batches are happening too quickly for QBO to accept and they throttle the batch. This should be incredibly rare.
Solution: Reattempt the batch and notify us.

If you ever get stuck and need more assistance, please feel free to reach out to us, book a call or email us.

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