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Data provides insights into your customer behaviors. Analyses can be predictive and broad, or introspective and specific. Sometimes an overview of your database is needed, whereas other times continual metric dashboards are most helpful. We will work with whatever customer data you have or help you set up systems to collect the information you need. Depending on your needs, we will devise analyses that will help guide marketing strategies to meet your goals.
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"Wine Glass Marketing has always provided well thought analysis on the data that our system generates allowing us to make business decisions and focus our efforts. WGM continually improves the performance of our website, shopping experience and solid information to grow our business."
― Ana Keller, Keller Estate

Service Offerings:

  • Segmentation Analysis – who buys and who doesn’t, customer touchpoint analysis and recommendations, lifetime value
  • Dashboard Creation – metrics for winery, website and social media, with key index to show improvement
  • Social, Adwords and Email Campaign Evaluations
  • Wine Club Review – attrition, tenure, and areas of strength and weakness
  • Google Website and Email Metrics, Google Analytics and Google Tag Implementation
  • Data Hygiene – NCOA, National DNM (do not mail) list, deduping, bounces, missing address campaigns

Case Studies:

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