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How do I map Bottle Deposits/CRV?

CRV is the California Redemption Value amount that is being collected on bottles (this is expected to extend to other states in the future). The equivalent in Canada is called Deposits. This is where a small amount of money is charged for each bottle sold on an order, usually around $0.10.

To setup WGits to handle this, go to Setup > your eCommerce provider, ie, Commerce7, WineDirect, eCELLAR, vinSUITE.

In the section “Enable Bottle Deposit Processing” check the box for “Send Deposit amounts to accounting system”.

Next choose the Special SKUs menu item and fill in the name of the Deposit/CRV item. Rename it to be whatever you want.

Lastly setup in QuickBooks Desktop, an “Other Charge” item with a matching name. Set the account for this item to be an appropriate Other Current Liability account (usually it’s best to have it’s own account for this type of charge).

That’s it! The amounts will start flowing into QuickBooks without an issue now.

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