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How do I use the Department Mapper?

To use the Department Mapper, simply go to the Setup tab, then navigate to the Dept. Map section. Here you can choose to create specific Department Mapping for certain Departments you use in your eCommerce Platform (if your eCommerce Platform supports Departments).

The Department Mapper Feature in WGits QB

The Source Department is the Department name of your eCommerce System. Depending on your eCommerce platform, you may need to use a Department ID rather than the Department name. If you aren’t sure, please contact us and we will help you through it.

If you are using the Department Mapping feature this will allow you to pick and choose which Departments to send to QuickBooks.

The primary goal of this feature is if you wish to send unique SKUs to QuickBooks for all product types except for products in a specific Department. For example: If you wish to only send items in the Event Department over to QuickBooks to the Event item while sending all normal SKUs to individual Items, this will be your solution.

If you are mapping all Departments to Items in QuickBooks, you will also need to use this section to map your Departments to QuickBooks items.

If you have any questions or need assistance with Dept. Mapping, please feel free to let us know.


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