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How do I point WGits to a new Company File?

You will need to do the reconnect using RemoteConnector and Quickbooks and not with WGits.

Step 1. Go into QuickBooks under the edit menu and select preferences.

Step 2. Select integrated Applications

Step 3. Go to the company preferences tab.

Step 4. Remove the existing Remote Connector application

Step 5. Click OK

Quickbooks Settings Integrated Applications

Step 6. Go into Remote Connector

Step 7. Go to the Users tab

Step 8. Under Company file find the new company file (click on the box with the 3 dots)

How to edit company file in Remote Connector Admin Account

Step 9. Once you select the correct file hit test connection

Step 10. This should cause QuickBooks to open up an Application Certificate window

Step 11. Select the last Radio Button – Yes, always allow access even if Quickbooks is not running

Step 12. Click continue

Step 13. Click Done on the Access Confirmation window

Step 14. Go back to Remote Connector and hit ok on the authorization failed window if it is open (this might be tricky as the window maybe hidden).

Step 15. Click the Test Connection button and it should let you know the authorization was successful.

Now you should be set to go again.

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